Knowing the team: Miguel Aparisi de Lorenzo

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Knowing the team: Miguel Aparisi de Lorenzo

After 40 years of experience in the commercial environment in 8 different multinational corporations such as Xerox, Vodafone, Minolta, Bayer, Olivetti, etc., plus contributing to the implementation of mobile telephone technology in the country, fully restructuring a company, introducing and establishing Océ (Canon) in Spain from scratch and, finally, creating his own business, Miguel Aparisi, assistant to the executive committee in the decision making at Davies, tells us his point of view about the company and the project:
D. Why have you joined DaviesCoin?
M. Just like in the computer or telecom worlds I have witnessed many changes, I believe we’re living times in which financial operations and transactions tend to decentralization and need to evolve. Davies is part of this change, so the idea was appealing and I decided to join the team.

D. What do you think about Daviescoin?
M. Davies is a young company, created by very talented people, with a superb, ambitious and disruptive idea. It has great future and very solid foundations.

D. Did you join at the beginning of the project?
M. Not at the beginning, but few months later.

D. What makes Davies different from other projects?
M. Davies is an imaginative, disruptive and socially useful project. It applies a technology right above the ones of its concurrency and it contributes to create a more equitable society.

Thanks to its clarity and user-friendliness, recruitment of users not familiar to this segment is increasing. Its large variety of provided services, added to the ease with which operations can be performed saving time and money, make it a useful, versatile and innovative tool. So far nothing similar has been found in the market.

D. How do you think the finance world will evolve through Blockchain?
M. Currently the finance world is basically run and controlled by banks and large financial companies, thus centralizing all the power. Blockchain usage will let decentralize all this power that still several institutions keep, letting people directly become main characters and beneficiaries of their own economy.

D. How do you imagine DaviesCoin in three years?
M. According to my experience, the vision I have for Davies in three years can be compared to other companies such as Océ or Vodafone, which also started from scratch and nowadays have become references in their sector.